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If you’re facing sex crime charges in Boulder, Colorado, you’re likely feeling confused and scared. These are serious accusations that can change your life.

You need an experienced Boulder sex crimes defense lawyer who understands the complexity of these cases and will fight to protect your future.

Dawson Law has extensive experience defending clients against sexual assault charges and other sex crimes in Boulder and throughout Colorado.

We know how you feel and are here to give you the skilled legal representation you need during this challenging time.

Colorado Sex Crimes | Charges and Potential Penalties

Colorado takes sex crime accusations very seriously and severely prosecutes alleged offenders.

You should have a clear understanding of how the state defines sex offenses and the potential penalties associated with each.

When you know the law, you’ll be better prepared to make decisions about your case and work effectively with your defense attorney to build a strong strategy.

Several Colorado statutes define sex crimes, each with its own elements and potential penalties.

Sexual Assault

This crime occurs when an individual knowingly inflicts sexual intrusion or penetration on another person without consent. It can involve physical force, threats, exploiting an incapacitated victim, or sex with minors under specified age differences.

Penalties range from 2-6 years in prison for a Class 4 felony up to 8 years to the remainder of the person’s natural life for the most aggravated offenses involving weapons, serious bodily harm, and those who never progress or decline to engage in treatment.

Unlawful Sexual Contact

Defined as knowingly subjecting a victim to sexual contact (touching intimate parts) without consent. This can be a Class 1 misdemeanor with potential jail time or a Class 4 felony if force/threats were used.

Sexual Assault on a Child

Subjecting a child under 15 to sexual contact when the perpetrator is at least four years older. This is typically a Class 4 felony but rises to a Class 3 if force was used, threats were made, or it was part of a pattern of abuse, or the accused held a position of trust with respect to the accuser.

Statutory Rape

Having sexual intercourse with someone under the age of consent, which is 17 in Colorado. If the victim is under 15 and the perpetrator is 4+ years older, it’s a Class 4 felony. If the victim is 15-17 and the perpetrator is 10+ years older, it’s a misdemeanor.

Sex crime convictions carry severe consequences like prison, fines, and lifetime registration as a sex offender. An aggressive legal defense from an experienced attorney is crucial to protect your rights and future when facing charges that are this serious. Contact our firm immediately for a confidential case review.

Colorado Sex Offender Lifetime Supervision Act

In 1998, the General Assembly passed the Sex Offender Lifetime Supervision Act, which requires lifetime supervision for most class 2, 3, and 4 felony sex offenses. There are a number of sentencing options available to the Court under the Act:

  • Probation for a minimum of 10 years to a maximum of life for a class 4 felony, and a minimum of 20 years and a maximum of life for a class 2 or 3 felony. Intensive supervision probation (ISP) is required for all lifetime probationers until further order of the court.
  • Department of Corrections for at least the minimum of the presumptive range of sentencing to a maximum of life.

The Colorado Department of Corrections is responsible for providing evaluation and sex offense-specific treatment to offenders who have been sentenced to the DOC and those who are on parole. Offenders in the Sex Offender Treatment and Monitoring Program (SOTMP) work toward meeting the Lifetime Supervision treatment progress criteria that correspond with their risk for sexual recidivism in order to meet parole board release criteria. The SOTMP provides treatment for an average of 450 offenders at a time.

Sex Offender Registry Requirements

Sex offenders are advised by the court at sentencing if they are required to register. If required to register, sex offenders must register with the law enforcement agency in the jurisdiction in which they live. In addition, if a registrant moves away from one jurisdiction, they are required by law to register at the new address.

Sex offender registration does not end automatically. A non-SVP offender may file a petition to terminate registration requirements beginning five, ten, or twenty years after the end of supervision, depending upon the severity of the original crime of conviction.

However, an SVP may never petition off the registry and must comply with registration requirements for the remainder of their life. Juveniles may petition the court to terminate registration requirements simultaneously with the conclusion of their supervision.

Collateral Consequences of a Sex Crime Conviction

A conviction for a sexual offense in Colorado carries lifelong penalties that extend far beyond just incarceration and fines. Even after serving a sentence, you’ll face devastating personal and professional consequences such as:

  • Mandatory sex offender registration and public notification
  • Severe residency/workplace restrictions near schools, parks, etc.
  • Virtually unhireable for most jobs due to criminal record
  • Loss of parental rights over children conceived from the crime
  • Limitations on international travel and relocating between states
  • Social stigma leading to isolation, harassment, and inability to reintegrate

These collateral consequences fundamentally disrupt nearly every aspect of your life indefinitely. With the stakes so high, having relentless legal representation from the start is crucial to avoid a conviction that triggers this chain of events. Our experienced defense attorneys will fight vigorously to prevent these life-altering penalties from defining your future.

Defending Against Sex Crime Charges Throughout Colorado

Given the complex nature of sex offense cases and the severe consequences of a conviction, it’s necessary to have a skilled Boulder sexual assault defense attorney working on your case.

A knowledgeable lawyer can:

  • Protect your rights throughout the legal process.
  • Thoroughly investigate the allegations against you.
  • Identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.
  • Negotiate a plea deal.
  • Build a robust and proactive defense strategy tailored to your unique situation.

Our criminal defense attorneys take a comprehensive, strategic approach to defending our clients against these serious accusations.

We’ll give you the aggressive, effective representation you need during this challenging time.

“Ryan is amazing! I have never had such a trusted ally in the law. He answered all my questions and was on the ball. He is a professional in his craft and I highly recommend him for all your legal needs. Thanks Ryan!!”

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Dawson Law Office - Boulder Criminal Defense Lawyer

Navigating the Criminal Justice Process For Boulder County Sex Crimes

As your dedicated legal advocates, we prioritize your privacy and discretion.

Your legal counsel will guide you when dealing with the personal and professional fallout of sex crime charges and work diligently to protect your reputation, relationships, and future prospects.

Our state’s legal system can be complex and intimidating, especially when you’re facing serious sex crime charges.

Understanding how your case moves through the courts can help you feel more prepared and less anxious about what lies ahead:

  1. After an arrest, you’ll have an initial appearance where the state reads the formal charges against you, and the court sets bond.
  2. Next, you’ll have a preliminary hearing where a judge determines if there’s enough evidence to proceed to trial.
  3. If your case moves forward, you can enter a plea and, if necessary, prepare for trial.

Throughout this process, our Boulder sex crimes defense lawyer will counsel you, explain each step, and advocate for your rights.
Dawson Law will guide you through this with clarity, compassion, and tireless dedication to achieving the best possible outcome for your case.

Why Choose Dawson Law?

When you’re facing life-changing sex crime accusations in Boulder, you need a defense team with the knowledge and skills to achieve the best case outcome based on the facts of your situation.

At Dawson Law:

  • We have years of experience defending sex offense cases in Colorado.
  • Our attorneys possess an in-depth understanding of the state’s complex sex crime laws.
  • We have successfully achieved positive results for our criminal defense clients.
  • Our team provides personalized attention and responsive communication throughout your case.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a sex crime in Boulder, time is of the essence.

You must involve a skilled defense lawyer as early as possible to build your case and protect your future. Dawson Law offers confidential consultations to discuss your situation and explain how we can help.

Don’t let sex crime allegations jeopardize your freedom and future – talk to us today and take the first step towards a strong defense.

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Got Questions? We Got Answers.

What is the Romeo and Juliet law in Colorado?

Colorado has a “Romeo and Juliet” exception that allows consensual sexual activity between certain close-in-age minors and adults without constituting sexual assault:

  • If the minor is 15 or 16 years old and the adult partner is less than 10 years older
  • If the minor is under 15 years old and the adult partner is less than 4 years older

This prevents situations where two high school-aged partners could be unfairly charged with sexual assault due to one being over the age of consent.

What is a Tier 1 sex offender in Colorado?

Colorado utilizes a three-tier classification system for registered sex offenders, with Tier 1 being the lowest risk level. Tier 1 covers offenders whose crimes did not involve violence or inflict injury on victims. Examples could include lower-level possession of pornography offenses. Tier 1 offenders must register annually for 20 years.

Can minors be tried as adults for sex crimes in Colorado?

Yes, in certain cases, juvenile offenders accused of serious sex crimes may be transferred to adult court to potentially face stricter sentencing. Factors like the minor’s age, criminal history, and severity of the alleged offense are considered. Common examples could include aggravated sexual assault charges involving violence, weapons, or child victims.

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