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Boulder, CO Criminal Lawyer

Ignorance of the law is never a defense.

The prosecutor has more power than you think.

“Prosecutorial discretion” is a fancy way of saying that the District Attorney has great latitude in how they want to apply the law. While prosecutors are held to high ethical standards, what they charge you with can affect you even if you are not convicted.

Why? Because you will still have an arrest record that shows those charges. Another strategy out of the prosecutor playbook is to charge you with multiple serious offenses or a higher charge in order to force you into accepting a plea bargain out of fear of a conviction which could mean lengthy jail time or a prison sentence.

This becomes an easy conviction for them, which keeps their conviction rate high and moves you through the system quickly, so they don’t have to clog up the court calendar with hearing after hearing.

Police conduct isn’t always how it should be.

In most cases, law enforcement does not intentionally carry out injustice or break the law. That’s not to say that it isn’t possible, but it is unlikely in most cases.

That being said, everyone makes mistakes, and it is possible for police to make mistakes during the arrest, or afterwards when they are gathering evidence.

There are certain standards that have to be explicitly followed when obtaining evidence. If your rights are violated in any way, or it can be proved that evidence was mishandled, a good attorney will know where to look and what to do next, which in most cases would be a motion to suppress evidence or a move for an outright dismissal.

Knowing what to look for in a criminal case is critical to success.

When you need answers, you want knowledge you can trust.

Hiring a criminal attorney means you have a trusted advisor working on your behalf to get you the absolute best outcome possible.

A public defender is often overworked, underpaid and not incentivized to move mountains when defending your case. They do not have a reputation to protect. They get paid no matter what.

However, a criminal defense law firm is a business built from the ground up through successful representation in criminal matters. There is no substitute when your future is at stake.

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Good attorneys intimately understand the law.

The judicial system is complicated by any standard. It changes frequently and there is more than just state law to pay attention to. There are local rules of court that must be followed, and as much as the truth or what’s fair should be what prevails in court, justice typically takes a backseat to procedure.

It’s very easy to become a victim of the legal process if you do not understand the law. While the judge’s duty is to weigh the facts and make a decision (if a case goes to trial), it is not the judge’s job to ensure that your rights are protected throughout the proceedings. If you do not know when to object or raise issues with the prosecution, you can easily have your rights violated without even knowing it.

Available 24/7

Experience wins every time, especially in the courtroom.

We know and understand how things are done in Boulder, Denver, Lakewood, and the surrounding counties and cities. We use this to our advantage to give our clients the best possible outcome, no matter the situation.

Not only that, we’ve successfully represented past clients who are facing the exact same situation you are now. Whether you have been arrested for a violent crime, charged with rape or a Title IV offense or are facing serious criminal charges.

Got Questions? We Got Answers.

What happens when you get arrested?

When you are arrested, you will be taken into custody, processed at the police station, and may have your mugshot and fingerprints taken. You should invoke your right to remain silent and your right to an attorney at this point. You will then be held in jail or potentially released on bail depending on the charges until your first court appearance.

How can a criminal defense lawyer help me?

An experienced criminal defense attorney can review all the evidence against you, look for any violations of your constitutional rights, negotiate with prosecutors for reduced charges or an acquittal, and take your case to trial if needed. Having the right lawyer greatly improves your chances of the best possible outcome.

Can I get kicked out of college if I'm arrested for a Title IX related offense?

Yes, you could face disciplinary action, including expulsion, if you are found responsible for violating Title IX and college policy, even if you are not criminally convicted.

The college’s Title IX process is separate from the criminal justice system. Consult our Title IX defense attorney to protect your rights in the school disciplinary process.

What should I do if I receive a Title IX email from my school?

If you receive a Title IX notification email, review the email and your school’s policy carefully and immediately contact a Title IX defense attorney. Our team can provide guidance throughout the investigation process, help you understand your rights, and work to ensure a fair outcome.

Remember, anything you say or write may be used in the Title IX proceedings, so it’s best to communicate through your attorney.

What is the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance?

The OIEC handles Title IX compliance and investigates reports of sexual misconduct, discrimination, and harassment. They provide resources, conduct investigations, and offer training. If you’re being investigated by the OIEC, consult our Title IX defense attorney right away.

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